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Liturgy of the Hours

The Liturgy of the Hours or Divine office is a set of readings done during certain hours of the day (canonical) and is reciting among clergy, relgious orders and laity alike. This particualar prayer method utitlizes the praying of Psalms among Gospel readings and other biblical and non-biblical readings. The hours are divided up into 7 categories. Office of Readings, Lauds (morning prayer), Daytime prayer including: Terce, (midmorning), Sext(Midday) and None(midafternoon), Vespers (evening prayer) and Compline (night time prayer). Officium Lectionis (office of readaings) was known as Matins during the pre-vatican II era and Pre-Vatican II also included another category called Prime.  The major hours consist of Officium Lectionis, Lauds and Vespers, while the other four are considered minor hours. Also additional prayers like Te Deum is included in on Sundays and Solemenities or feast. There is a 4 volume set or there is a convient 1 volume set known as Christian Prayer. However, there is a Shorter Christian Prayer, which is Laudes and Vespers. The 4 volume set uses readings from the Douay-Rheims, Latin Vulgate and Ronald Knox, while Christian Prayer uses the NAB for readings and the Grail Psalms of 1963 for its Psalms.


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