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Roman Catechism

The Roman Catechism or aka Catechism of the Council of Trent was released in 1566. Catholics needed to be educated about their faith in the time of the Reformation of the 1500s. This Catechism was divided into four parts: The Apostles Creed, The Sacraments, The Decalogue and The Lord’s Prayer. This catechism deals with subjects and/or points not clearly defined or discussed in Council of Trent.

Baltimore Catechism

This catechism was published in 4 different volumes:Balimore Catechism No. 1, Baltimore Catechism No. 2, Baltimore Catechism No. 3 and Baltimore Catechism No. 4. This served as the text book for Christian Doctrine in schools from 1885 until the 1960s.  This catechism was also divided into 4 parts like the Roman Catechism.

Catechism of the Catholic Church

This Catechism was published in 1992 by Pope John Paul II. It is divided into four parts:Profession of Faith, Celebration of Christian Mystery, Life in Christ and Christian Prayer. It is the official Catechism of all teaching of the Roman Catholic Church.  Another version was released updated by Editio Typica, an encyclical of Pope John Paul II. In 2005 the Compendium of the Catholic Church was released and in English in 2006.


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