The Ultra Conservative Catholic

Jimmy Swaggart

One well known heretic is familar in today’s society, well actually those familar with the late 1980’s is Jimmy Swaggart. Jimmy Swaggart was born March 15, 1935. He was largely associated with the Penecostal demonination and the Assembly of God.  Swaggart married his wife Frances in 1952 and had their first child Donnie in 1954.  He became a full time minister in 1959.  Jimmy is also associated with a Bible College. It’s former name is the Jimmy Swaggart Bible College now World Evangelism Bible College. This is where Catholic Apologists Tim Staples began his conversion and is the basis for his book “Jimmy Swaggart made me Catholic”. Swaggart is known for his 1988  confession of being with a prostitute. He broke down in tears and told his flock that he sinned against God and asked to wash away his sin in the precious blood of forgiveness. He was again caught with a prostitute in 1991. This all came about in admist of defrocking a fellow pastor Marvin Gorman, who had engaged in an affair in 1986. He is also the author of the Expositor’s Bible.


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  1. Jimmy Swaggart is so full of arrogance and pride it gushes through his skin. Literally.

    -Former Supporter

    Comment by C'Lah — April 1, 2010 @ 7:33 am

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