The Ultra Conservative Catholic

St. Jerome

St. Jerome was born around the year 347. He considered as a Saint and is one of the thirty-three Doctors of the Catholic Church. Jerome’s feast day is celebrated on September 30th by both the Latin Rite and Novus Ordo. Jereome himself was never baptised until between 360 and 366. In 382 he was comissioned by Pope Damasus I to translate the universal Bible based on the manuscripts that were available during the time period. Manuscripts were writen in Greek, Hebrew and Aremaic. In 390, Jerome turned to the Hebrew Bible after having used the Septugint previously. Jerome’s work was finished between 400-405. Jerome had used both Hebrew and Greek Bibles in translating the Latin Vulgate. The Vulgate wasn’t the only work of St. Jerome. His work includes: Vita Pauli Monachi, Vita Malchi Monachi Captivi and Vita Hilarionis. Jerome also lived in a cave in Bethleham near the birth place of our Lord, Jesus Christ. He was also blind. Jerome died September 30, 420.


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