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September 9, 2009


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This is something that I wrote about an experience I had on August 20, 2009

Today was like the usual day of Eucharistic Adoration. I went into the Church and got the Holy Water and did the Signum Crucis. From then on it was all unexplainable. The Holy Water was really thick and it felt like blood had dripped off my forehead. Usually I get the Holy Water and feel like there is blood on my forehead, but not drippin from my forehead. I then proceed to go to the kneeler by the tabernacle as I usually do and did my Liturgy of the Hours. After that I did the Franciscan Crown Rosary except this time in Latin instead of my usual English. I finished up 25 til 11 and went to the alter where the Crucifix was. The host was just like it always is. I seen at the top and image of the crown of thorns, which I have had happen on couple of occasions, this time there looked as if it was a symbol. A symbol that I could not understand. I took my eyes off it and reaffixed my eyes on the host again. Again there was the crown of thorns, but this time no symbol, but weaved inside the crown of thorns was ADONAI. I had seen this name in my Douay-Rheims and my Latin Vulgate. It isn’t Latin however, but Hebrew as it is the name of God. I remembered that it was in my Bible and I went to a pew to find it. I had thought it was in Genesis on a page on the left hand side. It turns out I was wrong it was in Exodus 6:3 where I had seen this. Before I left I went back to the Alter and seen the crown of thorns and ADONAI weaved into it. When I got home I decided to search for ADONAI and not much more information given other than the symbol I had seen was part of the Hebrew alphabet in the name ADONAI


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