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September 22, 2008

Daily Readings for September 22, 2008

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1st Reading Proverbs 3:27-34

Do not withhold him froming good, who is able:if thoua ret able, do good thyself also. Say not to thy freind: go, and come again: and to marrow I will give to thee: when thou canst give at present. Practise not evil against thy freind when he hath confidence in thee. Strive not against a man without cause,  when he hath done thee no evil. Envy not the unjust man, and do not follow his ways: For every mocker is an abomination to the Lord, and his communications is with the simple. Want is from the Lord in the house of the wikcked: but the habitations of the just shall be blessed. He shall scorn the scorners, and the meek will give grace.

Gospel according to Luke 8:16-18

Now no man lighting a candle covereth it with a vessel, or putteth it under a bed; but setteth it upon a candlestick., that they have who in may see the light. For there is not any thing secret that shall not be made manifest, nore hidden, that shall not be known and come abroad. Take heed therefore how you hear. For whosoever hath, to him shall be given:  and whosoever hath not, that also which he thinketh he hath, shall be taken away from him.

Catechism of the Catholic Church 2011

The charity of Christ is the source in us of all our merits before God. Grace, by uniting us to Christ in active love, ensures the supernatural quality of our acts and consequently  their merit before God and before men. The saints have always had a lively awareness that their merits were pure grace.

After earth’s exile, I hope to go and enjoy you in the fatherland, but I do not want to lay up merits for heaven. I want to work for your love alone…In the evening of this life, I shall appear before you with empty hands, for I do not ask you , Lord to count my works. All our justice is blemished in your eyes. I wish then, to be clothed in your own justice and to receive from your love and eternal pocession of yourself


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